Friday, May 12, 2006

Baghdad Signage

One of my Iraqi coworkers regularly laments the situation in Baghdad during our conversations. Recently, she's been complaining less about the Americans and focused more on the Iranians. Strangely, she believes that the Americans are partnering with the Iranians to exploit Iraq. She reaches this conclusion from the premise that the Americans are omnipotent as they are the most powerful country in the world. Consequently, since there is Iranian influence in Iraq, the Americans must be encouraging it.

She emailed me this picture of a sign in her neighborhood, Adhamiya. The part in red reads "Entry Forbidden to Police..." and the text that follows (I needed alot of help with this part) continues with adjectives describing the police "....the followers of Solagh, [the interior minister] the Iranian fire-worshippers ['majoos,' an epithet related to Zoroastrianism], to the grounds of

I asked some Iraqis why the sign was posted. Was it because Adhamiya has its own militia and doesn't want challenges to its authority and control? Or is it that the police, because of their connections to Iran, are not trusted? The response I received was "Where did you get that picture from?" I think its more the latter, as even my Shiite coworkers agree that the police have been infiltrated by Iranian intelligence.


Blogger Barry said...

I teresting sign. Lots of areas where they wanna take care of business themselves

May 12, 2006 11:12 PM  
Blogger Cajun Tiger said...

Thanks for visiting my site and leaving a comment. I'll add you as one of my Iraq blogs.

May 13, 2006 8:25 PM  
Blogger FeatherIron said...

I like your blog. I love reading stuff written by people that are actually there, not the media.

Stay strong and thanks for what you do.

May 16, 2006 4:20 AM  

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