Friday, May 05, 2006

Solving DC Problems

A DC non-profit launched a contest to solicit ideas to improve DC. It's strange that the winner will receive $5,000, as nothing listed seems ingenious enough to merit that payout. Anyone reading this before tomorrow's deadline for entries should submit their ideas.

I've entered a few. Most are ideas that I've had since I lived in DC and the contest was good opportunity to put them into writing.

Pimp My Street
- The comment critical of the use of 'pimp' is oversensitive. I know the meaning of the term and it's a dumb point. But maybe I'm just too insensitive.
A Realistic Solution to DC's Gun Problem - Not "realistic," but it would shake things up some and I'd like to see it happen.
A Truly DC Mentorship Program - Nothing really DC about it, but I would participate in this if it existed.
Elected Officials' Office Hours
- I would go if they were held. I encouraged a politician friend to hold his own but was unsuccessful.
Putting the "N" Back in the ANC - Not the African National Congress. Every DC resident should attend their ANC meeting, at least once.

I just had an idea that is far superior to all of these. What if this were done for Iraq? I've only heard American's ideas for improving the country or the occasional Iraqi politician. Most are silly and uninspired. Add more troops! Improve the capacity of the Iraqi Army! Partner with Iran on issues of mutual concern! Secure the borders! Get the government formed and working! And recently - partition the country! The only one that seems mildly forward-thinking was something along the lines of creating stable enclaves like the Green Zone and then expanding these areas (I'm not going to try and find the link, but I think the author strangely called it a 'oil slick' or something similar). That idea, though novel, isn't feasible anyway.

I'm fortunate enough to be working on a project that could actually make an idea like this a reality. I'm seriously going to propose an Iraqi sister site to Solution to the District's Gun Problem


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