Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Weapons of Mass Discussion?

In last night's speech, Bush said in passive terms that he was wrong about the presence of WMD's in Iraq. However, several ex-Marines who provided security on a project I worked on disagree with him on this point. Iraq is so expansive that there are still many places Saddam could have buried his weapons, they point out. My own observations corroborate this. Gazing out from the airplane window, the Western desert seems much more vast than California, to which Iraq is often compared geographically. The reservists also have seen the landscape of Iraq shift. A burned vehicle left on the road between Baghdad and Tikrit can be half covered in sand in less than two weeks. Finally, I am told that there are still weapons caches being captured. A few months ago, I heard that thousands of armaments were found in a house just meters from the walls of the Green Zone.


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